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Choose from a range of massages and simply relax in the relaxing environment. You may select from our one-day and monthly packages, depending on the services you want.

Full Body Aroma Spa

Aromatherapy massage is a Swedish massage technique that incorporates natural ingredients into the massage oil or lotion. These essential oil molecules are inhaled or absorbed via the skin during an aromatherapy massage. The full body aroma spa can help individuals reduce anxiety, symptoms of dementia, insomnia, depression and even menstrual cramps.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage which is used to treat muscle soreness like aches and tendonitis. It entails exerting compressive stress to the innermost layer of your muscle tissue with slow, thorough movements. This aids in breaking up scar tissue that accumulates after an accident and reduces muscle and tissue tension. It may help hasten the recovery process by improving blood flow and decreasing irritation.

Hot Stone Massage

A sort of massage treatment is a hot stone massage. It aids in the relaxation and relief of strained muscles and injured soft tissues throughout the body. Smooth, flat, heated stones are put on particular places of your body during a hot stone massage. Basalt, a kind of volcanic rock that maintains heat, is commonly used to create the stones. The stones are placed on the spine, stomach, chest, palms, feet and also face and the masseuse uses techniques such as long strokes, circular movements, vibration which will give you an ecstatic feeling.

Sports Massage

Sports massage has been shown to relieve muscular tension, enhance circulation, and stimulate the clearance of byproducts such as lactic acid that accumulate during athletic activity. Sports massage may assist an athlete emotionally prepare for their exercise or contest, in terms of the physical advantages.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points, often known as knots, are tight, unpleasant areas in muscles. These knots are delicate, and applying pressure to them causes discomfort in another place of your body. A trigger point massage can help you work out those knots and relieve the pain they cause.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is great for folks who desire a more active massage that will help them alleviate pain and tension. Thai massage uses a series of techniques that are comparable to yogic stretching to work the entire body. Your therapist will apply hard pressure to your body using their hands and fingertips. You’ll be stretched and twisted into other postures as well. During the massage, you can wear loose, comfortable clothing.

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